4 Reasons Why Account Planning Should Be Data-Centric

Unlocking the full potential of account planning can be a challenge for sales leaders striving for sophistication and effectiveness. Could a data-centric approach hold the key to overcoming these hurdles? Here are our top four reasons why account-planning should be data-centric. 1. Your Other Sales Strategies Are Data-Centric You don’t want to let inbound or […]

Consulting Conversations: The Power of Effective Follow-Ups

Whether you are working in sales or part of a project delivery team, working with others requires effective communication. But you already knew that. The journey from initial contact to closing a deal or deploying a project, however, often involves having to follow-up with prospects, clients, or project stakeholders, and while follow-ups may seem like […]

Salesforce CPQ: Is it the right time and what does this mean for my business?

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline their sales process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their quoting system. Some may be surprised to learn that Salesforce CPQ isn’t just for large businesses with deep pockets. Despite the common misconception that Salesforce CPQ is only meant for large organizations and […]

June 2022’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

How could Zoom affect your sales team’s mindset? What’s the evolution of lead routing? Is there a right ops team structure? We’ve got this and more enticing reads with our June 2022 RevOps reading list!

Year in Review: RevOps Trends of 2021

Through all the uncertainty of the past year, one thing remained constant: the steady growth of Revenue Operations. Take a look back at the biggest RevOps trends of 2021.

Activity Reporting for Account-Based Sales

Sales engagement tools have expanded the possibilities of building account-based activity reports that are reliable, meaningful, and actionable. Take a look at these considerations to get the best use out of them.