Custom Development

Tailored Technical Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our highly trained in-house development team can tackle whatever custom development needs you have related to Salesforce. Whether you need to audit system issues, manage tools, optimize processes, build custom pages, flows, or interfaces, or create triggers and background automation, our team collaborates seamlessly to craft specialized technical solutions that take your systems to the next level.

Past Project Examples

How can Lane Four’s custom development team help transform businesses across various industries? Each example showcases our commitment to innovation and our ability to deliver tailored solutions that drive success.

Complex Product Integration

We collaborated with the product development team for a high-growth Bay Area startup to fully integrate their product information into Salesforce. Changes made by users within their self-serve product platform are captured automatically Salesforce.
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Exchange Products

We developed three distinct applications that were live on the Salesforce AppExchange, encompassing a custom billing application, a scheduling tool, and seamless integration with a donation platform.
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Hybrid Development

We seamlessly weaved the capabilities of Apex and Lightning Web Components into Salesforce flows, enhancing the functionality and flexibility of your Salesforce ecosystem.
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