Lane Four Labs

SaaS Metrics

Empowering you to take control
of your data analytics within
Salesforce CPQ

Instant access to
critical metrics!

The SaaS Metrics package enhances Salesforce CPQ functionality, equipping your organization with triggers to compute key metrics such as ARR, MRR, and Total Contract Value for every segment on your quotes. Subsequent releases will introduce customizable metric calculation options, allowing you to tailor the process according to your preferences. Stay tuned!

Accurately assess the health of your SaaS business

Enhanced financial visibility to enable proactive & informed decision-making

Generated metrics thtat are relevant
and actionable

Exclusive Offerings for Lane Four Clients:

While this Lane Four Labs package and Salesforce CPQ enhancement is currently undergoing further development and receiving a fresh UI, seize the opportunity to connect with us today and delve into the transformative potential of our SaaS Metrics component, which has already been successfully deployed in several client organizations. Stay ahead of the curve and harness your competitive edge!

Join the Lane Four family to gain early access to SaaS Metrics!

While this Lane Four Labs package is currently under development, seize the opportunity to chat with us today and discover how our SaaS Metrics component can transform your financial visibility and decision-making processes. Get ahead of the curve and unlock your competitive edge!