Lane Four Labs


Optimize your email workflows, maximizing productivity and communication

A powerful tool designed to seamlessly integrate into your Salesforce environment, this innovative solution enhances email management by effortlessly identifying freemail domains and parsing them out from email fields on Leads and Contacts. Go a step further by automatically determining the most commonly used email domain for all contacts associated with an Account and stamping it as a dedicated field onto the Account record!

Save valuable time and effort so you can focus on driving business growth and nurturing customer relationships

Ensure that your
data remains clean
and consistent

Identify trends, track communication effectiveness, & tailor your outreach strategies accordingly

Exclusive Offerings for Lane Four Clients:

You might be curious about the cost associated with accessing this Freemail Domain package. As of now, there are no additional costs to access Lane Four Labs packages for our Lane Four clients with active support agreements. This package is an exclusive benefit for Lane Four customers and can be seamlessly integrated into their Salesforce orgs, enhancing their capabilities and streamlining their operations. Reach out to your project team today to learn more!

Join the Lane Four family to gain early access to Freemail Domain!

While this Lane Four Labs package is currently undergoing further development and receiving a fresh UI, seize the opportunity to connect with us today and experience the transformative potential of the Freemail Domain component, which has already been successfully deployed in some of our client’s orgs. Stay ahead of the curve and harness your competitive edge!