Awesome Reads for Sales Leaders [January 2020 Edition]

This month's insights for sales leaders tackle everything from must-attend sales events to sales ops best practices.

We’ve rounded up some of the best sales content published this January. Take some time to peruse insights on everything from must-attend sales events to sales ops best practices.

Why Sales Dev Stack Innovation Is Getting Smarter While Budgets Get Tighter | TOPO

TOPO’s recent research cuts through the tech stack noise to reveal which tools are actually working for sales, and where we’re headed in 2020. Naturally, we’re thrilled (but not surprised) to see that lead-to-account matching tools score among the highest for both impact and satisfaction. Read more.

8 Sales Operations Do’s and Don’ts | Outreach

Whether you’re just kicking off your sales operations or you want to improve, this list provides solid best practices for the role.  Read more.

Improve Your Pipeline: Let Sales Control the Flow of MQLs | Sales Hacker

This article introduces an unusual approach to managing leads: letting sales leadership control the MQL threshold.  This is an interesting take on how to better align marketing and sales in the midst of some common challenges. Read more.

2020 Must-Attend B2B Events | Demand Gen Report +

The 10 Best Sales Conferences to Attend in 2020 | Brainshark

Mark your calendars! These lists of must-attend events in 2020 are a great place to start if you want to keep up with the latest trends in sales technology, strategy, and tactics. Read more here and here.

The Five Lessons B2B Sales Leaders Should Learn to Make Analytics Work | McKinsey

How can B2B sales leaders empower their sales force with analytics to achieve growth? McKinsey lays out some practical strategies for getting started.  Read more.

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