Transforming Customer
Engagement & Interaction

Elevating Customer Experiences

Experience Cloud aims to provide a unified platform for businesses to create, manage, and optimize digital interactions, fostering stronger customer and partner relationships, improving employee engagement, and driving business growth.

Customer Portals

Experience Cloud allows organizations to build branded self-service portals where customers can access and edit account information, make purchases, track orders, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Service Portals

Companies can deploy service portals where customers can log in to create and track support cases, access product documentation, and interact with support agents.

Partner Portals

Enabling businesses to create portals for partners, distributors, and resellers to collaborate on sales, marketing, and support activities, thus enhancing partner relationships and sales channels.

Event and Community Management

Experience Cloud allows for the creation of event sites and online communities for discussions, networking, and engagement among customers, partners, or employees.

Employee Communities

Experience Cloud can be utilized to build internal employee communities that facilitate communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, enhancing employee engagement and productivity.


The platform offers tools to customize the look and feel of the digital experiences, ensuring brand consistency and alignment with company aesthetics.


Organizations can create e-commerce storefronts with personalized shopping experiences, enabling customers to browse, compare, and purchase products online.

Mobile Apps

Experience Cloud can be used to develop mobile applications that extend digital experiences to mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Knowledge Bases

Experience Cloud can serve as a knowledge base platform, providing customers and employees with easy access to articles, FAQs, and documentation, thus reducing support requests.


The platform leverages Salesforce's CRM data to deliver tailored content, recommendations, and experiences to individual users, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

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