February 2020’s Awesome Reads for Sales Leaders

This month's insights for sales leaders include intent data, dynamic guided selling, outbound strategy, and account selection.

Intent data. Dynamic guided selling. Outbound strategy. Account selection. We’ve rounded up some of February’s best sales content for your perusal. Check it out below!

First Steps With Intent Data? Start With Sales | Demand Gen Report

The popularity of intent tools has spiked over the past year. But how do you get started with implementing these tools, and who should be responsible? Bombora’s Mike Burton makes a case for starting with sales.  Read more.

Getting Started with Outbound Sales? (Let’s Start with Strategy) | Sales Hacker

For those kicking off or improving their outbound programs, Sales Hacker offers a no-nonsense breakdown of the key elements you need to build a successful strategy. Read more.

Account Selection: How To Win Before You Start | TOPO

Good account selection is vital to every account-based strategy. Check out TOPO’s advice on how to do it right, including how many accounts to choose, how to choose them, how to allocate resources, and other best practices. Read more.

Supercharging Sales with Dynamic Guided Selling | Forrester

Sirius Decisions and Forrester provide a glimpse into the future of sales technology. Read more.



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