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Our Approach

Scale your team to make a bigger impact

When it comes to making changes in Salesforce, people typically focus on one major release project. But most of the time, these big projects suffer from poorly-defined requirements, unrealistic timelines, and bad resource management—leaving people frustrated and lacking in motivation to adopt the changes. Ultimately, these projects fail.

After supporting 100+ organizations like yours, we know that incremental improvement is what really drives success. This is how we work at Lane Four. We avoid projects in favor of managed services—a collaborative, flexible, and results-focused approach that allows you to deploy quickly, adopt fast, and iterate as your needs change.

Managed Services

Make an immediate impact

Prioritize short-term goals and immediate business needs.

Our week-to-week check-in process helps us integrate into your team so you’ll see results faster.

Learn, and iterate, as you go

Based on the results of our first stages of work together, you will have the benefit of tweaking your end vision—making long-term success far more likely.

Make Salesforce sustainable

With managed services, you don’t have to predict what will happen when changes are made—because we’ll be there with support and guidance at every stage.

Spend wisely

Don’t stake your whole budget on one big launch. Work through roadblocks as your project evolves by investing in metered Salesforce support over time.

What kind of consulting do you need?

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Salesforce Consulting for Startups

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Salesforce Consulting for Non-Profits

Questions? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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