Incident Response Policy

At Lane Four, we take the security of our systems and data very seriously. In the event of a security breach, our Incident Response Policy ensures a swift and effective response to protect our clients’ interests. Our commitment includes:  

  1. Immediate Notification: We will promptly notify our clients through their primary contacts and website to inform them of the breach and its impact.

  2. Third-Party Assessment: We can engage a trusted third-party cybersecurity company to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the breach, identifying the scope and nature of the incident.

  3. Transparent Statement: Following the assessment, we will provide a transparent and detailed statement regarding the breach, its implications, and our plan of action.

  4. Remediation Plan: Our team will develop a robust plan to remediate the breach, including enhanced security controls and measures to prevent a similar incident in the future.
At Lane Four, safeguarding your data is our top priority, and we are fully committed to ensuring the security and privacy of your information.