Lane Four’s Director of Delivery Shares 4 Essentials to Project Delivery Excellence

From initial planning to continuous stakeholder engagement, to achieve delivery excellence, it can be helpful for leaders and their teams to implement strategic (and structured) practices that drive alignment, efficiency, and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle. Lane Four’s Director of Delivery, Tatiane Sensini, shares four key essentials that she believes will ensure our projects […]

4 Ways to Foster a Client-Centric Culture in Professional Services and Why

In the tech world, the pace of progress can vary widely. Sometimes it feels like things are racing ahead, while other times, the rhythm slows down a notch. But amidst this ebb and flow, there’s a fundamental principle that remains very intact, especially in tech  consulting: the client comes first.  In professional services, it’s the […]

4 Reasons Why Account Planning Should Be Data-Centric

Unlocking the full potential of account planning can be a challenge for sales leaders striving for sophistication and effectiveness. Could a data-centric approach hold the key to overcoming these hurdles? Here are our top four reasons why account-planning should be data-centric. 1. Your Other Sales Strategies Are Data-Centric You don’t want to let inbound or […]

Tech Tune-Up 101: Setting the Stage for A Healthy Tech Stack

Let’s say you’re in the midst of planning your strategic goals for the upcoming year. If your team has been reactive, acquiring various tools on the go to address different issues, it’s a clear sign it’s time for a cleanup. But where to start? Well, we’ve mentioned a couple times how the efficiency of your […]

The Mindset That Will Advance Your Ops Career

Learning how to think like your company’s leaders can help you go break through to the strategic side of ops, build your company’s revenue engine, and advance in your career.

Salesforce CPQ: Is it the right time and what does this mean for my business?

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline their sales process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their quoting system. Some may be surprised to learn that Salesforce CPQ isn’t just for large businesses with deep pockets. Despite the common misconception that Salesforce CPQ is only meant for large organizations and […]

Year in Review: RevOps Trends of 2021

Through all the uncertainty of the past year, one thing remained constant: the steady growth of Revenue Operations. Take a look back at the biggest RevOps trends of 2021.