Lane Four’s Director of Delivery Shares 4 Essentials to Project Delivery Excellence

From initial planning to continuous stakeholder engagement, to achieve delivery excellence, it can be helpful for leaders and their teams to implement strategic (and structured) practices that drive alignment, efficiency, and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle. Lane Four’s Director of Delivery, Tatiane Sensini, shares four key essentials that she believes will ensure our projects meet the highest standards for delivering solutions to our clients.

1. Create Your Use Cases Early On

  • Source of Truth: Establish clear use cases early on as your source of truth. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding the project goals and requirements.
  • Client Buy-In: Engage clients in this process to foster ownership and clarity. You don’t want to waste time on tasks that aren’t aligned with what the client actually needs.
  • Acceptance Criteria: Define what success looks like from the start. This will guide your implementation and user acceptance testing (UAT) seamlessly.

2. Plan Ahead for Deployment

  • Deployment Strategy: Develop a detailed deployment plan to anticipate challenges and reduce disruptions. Consider all potential roadblocks! Preparation is your best friend here, so it could be helpful to also outline contingency plans in place to address these roadblocks too.
  • Timeline Management: Ensure all team members are aware of key dates and milestones to stay on track. Make sure that everyone has access to the necessary project management documents and tools; updating the timeline and communicating changes promptly to keep everyone aligned and focused on deadlines.

3. Incorporate a Process to Evaluate Budget on a Weekly Basis

  • Budget Tracking: Implement a system to regularly review budget vs. actuals, enabling you to catch discrepancies early on. This proactive approach allows for smooth corrective action to maintain the health of your resources and budget.
  • Adjustments: Make timely adjustments to stay within financial targets and ensure project viability. Don’t forget to actively communicate with project stakeholders, particularly the client, if adjustments are necessary. Transparency fosters trust and minimizes surprises down the line!

4. Regular Check-ins with Executive Sponsors and Stakeholders

  • Bi-monthly/Monthly Meetings: Establish a cadence for dedicated check-ins with executive sponsors and key stakeholders. These scheduled sessions provide opportunities to review progress, address any emerging issues, and align on strategic objectives.
  • Beyond Weekly Stand-Ups: In addition to regular meetings, supplement these with deeper dive sessions to ensure ongoing strategic alignment. These sessions offer a platform to delve into high-level concerns promptly, fostering a proactive approach to addressing challenges and maintaining stakeholder engagement.

By implementing these four key essentials, teams can navigate the complexities of project delivery with confidence. They not only increase the chances for successful outcomes but also lasting happy clients! Are you looking to optimize your go-to-market engine and want to work with a team that values project delivery excellence? Let’s chat!

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