Learn Native Salesforce Duplicate Management at Virtual Trailblazer Community Event

Explore the advanced concepts of Native Duplicate Management in a virtual session led by Lane Four's founder, Andrew Sinclair.

Join the Baltimore, MD Administrators on March 25 at 1pm EDT

Lane Four’s own Andrew Sinclair will present on all things duplicate management at this upcoming event. Here’s what you need to know.

About the Session

A Deep Dive into Native Salesforce Duplicate Management

 The session will explore advanced concepts of duplicate management and discuss how matching rules can be extended using custom Apex, flows, and clicks.
 After the session, attendees will have a good understanding of the following topics:
 • How to configure custom duplicate management
 • What types of things can be matched
 • The difference between alerting, reporting, and more
 • How to use matching rules in code with Match Methods
 • How to use the reporting data to run merges both manually and in code
 • How this native functionality can replace third party tools

About the Speaker

Andrew Sinclair, Founder & Salesforce Consultant, Lane Four[br]

Andrew Sinclair is a Salesforce architect with a reputation for helping high-growth startups scale Salesforce across their businesses. He is the founder and owner of Lane Four, a boutique Salesforce consulting firm based in Toronto. He has also been the architect of multiple AppExchange applications, including Lane Four’s account-based lead management app, which launched in 2017.

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