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Salesforce for SaaS Blueprint

Easily Plan How You Will Track, Manage, Measure, and Scale Your Sales & Marketing Processes in Salesforce


Who Should Use the Blueprint?

Do you need Salesforce to work effectively in a high-growth SaaS environment?

Based on the work we’ve done with 100+ startups, Lane Four’s Salesforce for SaaS Blueprint is step 1 if you need to…

Get up and running quickly in Salesforce

Lay the foundation to scale your operations

Include inbound, outbound, and account-based strategies in your processes

Integrate Salesforce seamlessly with your marketing and sales tech stack

How Does it Work?

Use the Blueprint to develop a comprehensive list of fields, values, reports, and demarcation points you need in order to set up or revamp your Salesforce processes.

The Salesforce for SaaS Blueprint represents the typical sales and marketing paths that accounts and individuals will take as they engage with your company. It is a one-stop document for planning your end-to-end operational processes in Salesforce.

Each column represents a state that an account or individual may be in as it moves through your funnel—from inbound leads and targeted accounts through to won or lost opportunities.

Under each column, you’ll work through a series of questions about the following:

Objects, Fields, and Values


Record Ownership

Operational Considerations

Reporting & Oversight


Get Your Salesforce for SaaS Blueprint

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