November 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

The holiday season is fast approaching and we've got your early holiday reading list! This month's edition will boost your sales team's performance with insights on sales sequences, forecasting, outbound strategies, and more.
How to Create Sales Sequences Your Reps Will Actually Use | Sales Hacker

A good sales sequence is crucial for the long-term success of your SDRs, AEs, and sales department as a whole. These are the keys to creating sales sequences that will enable sales success.

Making the Shift to ABM with Lane Four Highroad | Lane Four

Driven by rapid growth, BizLibrary decided it was time to pivot to account-based marketing (ABM). Learn how Lane Four Highroad provided automation and expertise for a successful implementation of ABM.

Sales Forecasting 101: Definition, Importance, and How to Build One | Outreach

Proper sales forecasting enables data-driven business decisions, helps revenue leaders identify new opportunities, and provides a clear picture of projected revenue. That’s why you need the right method to build out your forecasts.

Why Increasing Your Sales Team’s Diversity Improves Your Bottom Line | Sales Hacker

Diversity improves the function and achievements in any environment. So it’s no surprise that diverse sales team perform at a higher rate. Here’s why.

Sales Kick-offs are the Mullets of Parties | RevOps Co-op
Sales kick-off parties can be a great way to engage important stakeholders and drive business opportunities. Learn how to plan a great party while keeping the focus on business.
5 Takeaways from Why Outbound Isn’t Working for 82% of Companies & How to Fix It | RevGenius

The landscape of selling is changing, and outbound strategies are lagging behind. Here are 5 key takeaways from new sales trends that can help you revamp your outbound strategy.

Enable Salesforce Path In 6 Easy Steps | Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Path is a Lightning component that helps you visualize a record’s progress through a process, plus key fields and guidance for what should be completed at each stage. Learn how to add Path to page layout in Salesforce, and three use cases to get you started.

Like any process, the customer journey requires frequent attention and improvements to satisfy customers at key touchpoints. Get started with customer journey optimization with this starter guide to deliver higher value to your customers.