How BizLibrary Made the Shift to ABM with Lane Four Highroad

Driven by rapid growth, BizLibrary decided it was time to pivot to account-based marketing (ABM). Lane Four Highroad provided automation and expertise for a successful switch to ABM.

Making the Shift to ABM
with Lane Four Highroad

An All-in-One Modern Learning Solution

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Enabling Account-Based Strategies

Driven by a rapidly expanding client base, a fast-growing sales team, and a new VP of Sales, BizLibrary decided it was time to pivot to account-based marketing (ABM).

Like many B2B companies today, they knew account-based strategies would boost their go-to-market effectiveness. But they also knew they simply could not make a scalable ABM model work without a lead-to-account matching and routing tool to close the gaps in their tech stack and operationalize account-level data in Salesforce.

In addition to core features like matching, routing, and workflow automation, the BizLibrary team also wanted guidance on how best to implement an account-based routing model that could grow with them.

With a proven track record helping hundreds of high-growth companies build scalable account-based strategies, Lane Four Highroad was the perfect vendor to support BizLibrary’s automation needs and supply the routing best practices that would guarantee a successful implementation.

"I can't imagine trying to do ABM without Lane Four."
Mike Hooker
Salesforce Administrator

Inefficiency Leads to Poor Customer Experiences

Before implementing Lane Four Highroad, BizLibrary’s lead distribution was a fully manual process that required the sales team to check for duplicates and create new accounts one at a time.

This resulted in an inefficient sales process, and sometimes poor customer experiences — such as existing customers being contacted mistakenly by SDRs.

Automating the Account-Based Sales Process

With the guidance of Lane Four’s expert customer support team, BizLibrary streamlined their end-to-end ABM processes within Salesforce.

Today, Lane Four handles the entire lead management process automatically as soon as new records are synced over to Salesforce from Marketo.

When a new lead enters the system, Lane Four first checks for an existing account. If one exists, it converts the lead to a contact and assigns it to the existing account owner. 

If an account does not already exist in the CRM, the lead is enriched with account data from Zoominfo, and a new account is created in Salesforce.

At this point, if their lead score threshold is met, BizLibrary’s rules kick in: the new record is run through a series of routing decisions, and round-robined to the right sales territory in real time.

This process happens entirely behind the scenes with automation. Sales no longer has to worry about whether an account, or even a contact, already exists in the CRM. Instead, they can simply focus on selling. 

Efficiency Paves the Way for Growth

Having Lane Four Highroad in place has saved time for sales and operations, and has increased assignment accuracy. It has also opened up possibilities for account-based metrics that will be critical as BizLibrary scales their go-to-market programs.

Mike and Tiffany used Lane Four to set up SLAs in Salesforce that will monitor the effectiveness of their account-based programs. This will ultimately allow them to identify bottlenecks in their sales process and monitor rep performance: governance that would not have been possible with Salesforce alone.

More Than Just a Tool

BizLibrary’s ops team has found Lane Four Highroad’s user interface intuitive and simple to use.  They’re able to easily make changes to rules and manage users on their own. They also appreciate the real-time innovation taking place within the tool: they’ll often inquire about a feature only to find out it has already been added, or is on the near-future roadmap.

"The support team is very knowledgable... they really set us up for success."
Tiffany Thomas
Manager, Marketing Operations

But Mike and Tiffany both agree that the most valuable part of their Lane Four experience has been the intelligent guidance provided by the support team. As first-timers in implementing ABM, they relied on the Lane Four team to  recommend tried and tested routing best practices, so they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and could implement effective account-based routing from day one.  The result? A seamless ABM routing process that’s ready to grow with the business.

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online learning for growing organizations, offering an award-winning microlearning video library and learning platforms that engage employees of all levels.

Lane Four Highroad is a lead-to-account matching and routing tool built by Salesforce experts to meet the demands of high-growth companies.