Lead Re-Assignment Could – and Should – Be Much Easier

If you’ve ever had to re-assign a stack of leads within Salesforce, you know how difficult it can be without the right tool. Often, companies are forced to pull their records out of Salesforce, plug them into Excel, update their (usually complex) rules manually, and then move the updated data back to Salesforce. And if this process doesn’t sound all that gruelling, try doing it with 60,000 leads that need to be re-assigned. It can easily take a week to complete the process.

That’s why it’s key when choosing a lead automation tool to have one that handles re-assignment as well as it handles assignment.

Imagine a situation where you’ve got a new rep for the East coast. Your existing East Coast rep is moving over to the West coast. You want to move the existing East Coast leads and contacts to the new rep, but it’s just not a simple process. When first assigning these leads to your initial rep, you were able to do it smoothly. But that same automation tool that helped establish your first rep has little to no ability to re-assign leads, forcing you to delay onboarding your new employee until the leads are in place.

Now imagine a situation where you’ve reorganized the entire team or changed the definition of certain regions. If you don’t have an automated tool that re-assigns those leads, be ready to either do it by hand or process it in Excel – both processes that are inefficient and can delay your growth efforts significantly, not to mention cause frustration and confusion among reps during the process.

And databases can quickly grow to include tens of thousands of leads, which makes the manual re-assignment process all the more time-consuming without the right tool.

That’s why it’s essential to have a good assignment tool that allows you to easily re-assign the leads and contacts based on all of your existing rules, without manual intervention. This process should take minutes, not days.

It’s a good idea to review your tools now, rather than wait until it’s too late. Usually, when you have to re-assign leads, you don’t have the luxury of time on your side. It has to be done immediately. And if you’re stuck using a tool that can’t handle re-assignment, you’ll experience significant delays. However, if you take the time now to find a tool that can re-assign leads in minute, you will save significant time and headache when re-assignment becomes a necessity.

Not only can LaneFour make assigning your leads easier, but it can re-assign automatically, keeping all of your carefully constructed and complex rules intact. Give us a try, and see for yourself how we can make your life easier.

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