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The SLA feature tracks the date and time a lead is qualified, and how long it took for a sales rep to follow-up. This tracking is done in business hours so it allows your organization to understand what your follow-up time is for reporting, scheduling, and reminders to reps.

To get started, click on the SLA icon from the Lane Four Launcher Page. Existing configurations will be displayed as a list under the SLA tab.

1. Setup SLA tracking Fields

The SLA Configuration tab displays which status field is being used for leads and contacts. On this tab you’ll select the lead status and contact status field you’ll be tracking SLA’s against.

2. Setup SLA tracked statuses

  1. Click “Create New” from the SLA tab
  2. Select either Lead or Contact depending on which object this setting will use.
  3. Determine the start and end stage with options such as: Contacted, Open, Qualified, Unqualified
    • Note: If the “end stage” field is blank, any movement forward will end the SLA time

3. Business Hours

To ensure business hours are calculated correctly, set your organization business hours in Salesforce. To do this navigate to: Setup > Company Profile (under Administer) > Business Hours. Create new business hours by setting the timezone and hours for each day, or ensure that the default settings are correct.

For more information on business hours and assigning business hours to users, go here.

Note: If multiple business hours are setup for a timezone, Lane Four will select the business hour pre-fixed with “Lane Four”. This allows business hours used by service cloud to be separate from Lane Four.

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