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What can you do with SLA?

The SLA feature tracks the date and time a lead is qualified, and how long it took for a sales rep to follow-up. This tracking is done in business hours so it allows your organization to understand what your follow-up time is for reporting, scheduling, and reminders to reps.

Access the SLA feature under Routing > SLA in the left hand sidebar. 

How do I set up SLA?

To set up SLA, open the feature by selecting Routing > SLA in the left hand sidebar. 

1. Start by creating a new SLA, select the Create button.

2. Select the object you want to track: Account, Contact, or Lead.

3. Select a field on that object that you want to track OR the specific criteria created as a formula by selecting the custom filter option. 

4. If selecting a field, select which value for that field you would like as the entry criteria for your SLA. When the object has that field value, a SLA detail record will be created and will begin to track time in an Hours so far field. 

5. If you would like the SLA time to close out at any change to your selected field, you can leave the exit stage option blank. If you only want the SLA to close out on a specific value, then you can enter the value in the SLA end stage option. 

6. Optional: Select SLA Mapping from the top of the dialog box if you’d like to add additional data onto the SLA detail record. This allows you to pull information off of a lead or other parent objects, allowing you to keep a historical record of the SLA object. 

7. Create a description for easy reference later and mark the SLA as active to allow Lane Four to begin creating SLA detail records for this SLA. 

8. Select Save to save and exit.



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