A Real-Time Lead Routing Engine in Action

Using Lane Four's lead-routing engine, we configured a lead routing process that does exactly what our clients need to respond to incoming leads.

The Problem

Our client, a niche SaaS company, races competitors in responding to valuable leads from a customer review site. Response time is key for these leads, or the company risks losing deals. But they still need these leads to go through their full lead routing flow—which requires de-duplication,  a lead-to-account rule, auto conversion, auto creation of accounts and automated contact assignment or a lead round robin.

Essentially, they need to make sure that these leads always make it to the right reps, and they need it to happen in real-time. In this case, read-time means real-time, not a few minutes or in some asynchronous processing queue. After the record is created, it needs to trigger immediate assignment, with the complete flow.

The Solution

Using Lane Four’s lead-routing engine, we configured a lead routing process that does exactly what they need. The flow takes care of de-duplication, lead-to-account matching, and lead auto-conversion when a match is found. Then, it assigns leads to account owners when matched or assigns leads using a geographically segmented round-robin if no match is found.

All of this happens in the time it takes to save a record: typically in under two seconds, the lead routing process is complete, the leads are assigned, and the sales team can work their magic. All without writing any code and ensuring rules are easily configured via standard process builders and a visual flow.

Our client is now in the best possible position to respond to incoming leads from this valuable source.

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