Lane Four Highly Competitive in Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing Category

New Data from G2 Shows that Lane Four Punches Well Above Its Weight in This “Absolutely Essential” Software Category

For a second time this year, lead-to-account matching and routing has been recognized by experts as a must-have tool that every high-growth company needs to make their go-to-market strategies function. This week, Lane Four was once again listed as a leading vendor in the space, this time by G2, the tech industry’s go-to site for B2B software reviews. When it comes to ease of use, momentum, and user ratings, Lane Four is a high performer—competitive even with the category’s biggest player.

Today’s Go-to-Market Strategies Require Matching & Routing

Whether you’re dealing with high-volume inbound, account-based strategies, complex territory assignments, or all of the above, automation is required to make core sales and marketing processes work for high-growth companies. Without a matching and routing solution, companies engage in highly manual processes that are time consuming at best. At worst, this manual work can stall sales for days, leading to lost revenue, unproductive teams, and a stunted ability to scale.

Matching and routing software unlocks go-to-market processes with reliable automation that runs behind the scenes. With a matching and routing solution in place, you’ll have cleaner data, faster follow up times, enhanced account visibility, improved account-based reporting, and the ability to deliver a better customer experience. Simply put, Lane Four enables growth.

Lane Four Rates Higher than Category Leader in Every Area

Lane Four’s matching and routing outperforms the category’s leading vendor, LeanData, in every dimension of G2’s user ratings. Lane Four is particularly proud of our 10/10 rating for Quality of Support, with a product team that customers praise for being “super responsive and very well informed,” “fantastic to work with,” and “incredibly helpful.”

Unlock Salesforce to Unlock Revenue
with Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing

One of the Easiest Tools to Use for Matching & Routing

G2 data shows that Lane Four ranks second-highest in the category for ease of use. Recent changes have made the platform easier to use than ever. In summer 2020, Lane Four unveiled a brand new, purpose-built interface that contains everything required to set up and manage routing, with no need for code or process builders. These changes have transformed the admin side of the tool, and companies with a standard use case can now go live with routing in under an hour.

Do You Need Matching and Routing?

Most startups experience blocked processes at some point as they ramp up to growth. If Salesforce feels like a mess; if you have no idea what’s happening on your key accounts; if your sales team takes hours or days to get back to inbound leads; if you’re unable to measure your speed to lead, or if you’re planning to scale your processes rapidly in the near future — then you’re probably a great candidate for this kind of tool.

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