Sales Process &
Gating Template

Take the first step to fixing your forecasting in Salesforce.

Forecasting is a huge headache for ops. But, with some key structural changes to your sales process, you can generate forecasting numbers accurate enough to inform decision-making. This template is here to help.

Define Your Sales Process

This comprehensive template guides you systematically through setting up, or revamping, your sales process in Salesforce.

Prepare for the Full Sales Cycle

From qualification to closed won, the template provides gated criteria for your entire end-to-end sales cycle.

Leverage Best Practices & Trends

The template takes key industry best practices and trends into consideration. High-volume inbound, account-based strategies, key Salesforce fields are all accounted for.

"Lane Four has been essential in providing me with strategic advice...I couldn’t run my organization without them.”

Werner Gerola

Sales/GTM Operations Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

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