Running ops at a fast-paced, fast-scaling SaaS company is tough. You’re wearing multiple hats, managing conflicting priorities, and trying to make an impact on revenue growth. This is especially tough when the ops function is new.

Lane Four’s SaaS Practice Managers Megan Diplock and Aidas Dirse share what they’ve learned on their own journeys from sales, to operations, to helping dozens of high-growth SaaS operations teams succeed.

They discuss the unique challenges they faced during major funding rounds—including how they survived $150M and $300M raises at SaaS startups—and how they leveraged their sales backgrounds to succeed.

In our discussion, we dive into topics like…

  • Where should you begin when you’re building an ops career?
  • What skills will help you stand out in your role?
  • What resources should you turn to for career development?