Last week, our Lane Four leaders took to the mic as we hosted a great webinar discussion to close out 2023. Prepping your RevOps for 2024 brought together host Quinten Early (Director of Sales and Business Development, Lane Four), and our esteemed panelists, Mike Strong (VP of RevOps Consulting, Lane Four), and Aidas Dirse (Sr. Director of RevOps Consulting, Lane Four).

Key Takeaways:

Navigating the Trends of 2023

The conversation kicked off with an insightful exploration of the trends that picked up this year. From AI to tech stack consolidation, our panelists provided their perspectives on AI tools, how they’ve been utilizing it in their practices and how they think AI will affect the consulting/RevOps landscape in the coming year. The team also shared their perspectives on whether system consolidation is a short term strategy, or how to best plan for consolidation depending on what’s right for the business.

Effective Strategies for Q4 and Beyond

Mike Strong and Aidas Dirse, with their wealth of experience, delved into effective strategies for navigating Q4 by taking the proactive route. Their actionable insights covered insights on consolidating systems, to optimizing data foundation.

Setting the Stage for Q1 2024

As the discussion progressed, Quinten Early asked Mike and Aidas their thoughts on strategies for preventing poor decisions from repeating. In this context, they talked about getting caught up in bandaid solutions to taking a step back to reevaluate your systems before Q1.

The emphasis was on proactive planning, efficient processes, and a forward-thinking approach to ensure businesses hit the ground running in the new fiscal year. And the momentum of the webinar continued into the Q&A portion of the call, which led to questions on email deliverability changes, measuring up Salesforce versus HubSpot, and what areas of a RevOps tech stack to deem as a priority. 

For those who couldn’t join us live or wish to relive the excitement, we’ve got you covered! The full video recording of the webinar is now available here to view and share. Dive into the conversation at your own pace, extract valuable insights to fuel your strategies in the coming year, and/or share with your team mates or friends who couldn’t make it.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who joined us for this impactful session, including our great host and panel guests. The success of the webinar lies not only in the expertise shared by our leaders but also in the collective energy and enthusiasm of our community.

Stay tuned for more enriching discussions, insightful webinars, and collaborative engagements in 2024. At Lane Four, we are committed to being your partner in success, providing valuable resources and fostering a community where growth is not just a goal but a shared journey.

Thank you for being an integral part of our vibrant community. Here’s to a prosperous and transformative 2024!