Lane Four at True North Dreamin’

This year, two of Lane Four's Salesforce experts will be presenting at the inaugural True North Dreamin'! Join us in Ottawa on July 11 and 12.

This year, two of Lane Four’s Salesforce experts will be presenting at the inaugural True North Dreamin‘!

Join us (and Canada’s awesome Salesforce community!) in Ottawa on July 11 and 12. Take in the expo, career fair, keynote, demo jam, breakout sessions and more.

And don’t forget to swing by Lane Four’s sessions:

Hey You – Back Away From That Spreadsheet!

Join Lane Four Consultant Lisa Plekhanova for this session, targeted at SFDC admins. One of the most common challenges admins face when implementing Salesforce is in fully transitioning users from working in spreadsheets to working within their CRM.

Lisa will discuss some of the common challenges faced in migrating data management processes from spreadsheets to Salesforce, and present strategies to overcoming these hurdles to the final stretch of user adoption.

A Deep Dive into Native Salesforce Duplicate Management

Join Lane Four founder Andrew Sinclair for a deep dive into Salesforce duplicate management and matching rules.

Andrew will tell the story of how native duplicate management and matching rules provided opportunities and challenges for Lane Four’s AppExchange package.

The session will explore advanced concepts of duplicate management and discuss how matching rules can be extended using custom Apex, flows, and clicks.

Conference Registration Open Now!

You can register for the conference now. We hope to see you there!

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