October 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

Dive into ops career development, automation, and hiring strategies with October's best of RevOps from around the web.
Must Read Advice from Leading Ops Pros | Wizards of Ops

Looking to advance your ops career? Wizards of Ops gathered some advice from leading ops professionals to give to their younger selves to inspire emerging ops pros to reach their full potential.

50+ Lessons From Today’s Revenue Leaders | Hubspot

When done right, revenue operations can have a major impact on your go-to-market strategy and overall growth. Gain the insights of today’s revenue leaders to learn how you can use RevOps to make an impact for your company.

The Mindset That Will Advance Your Ops Career | Lane Four

Learn how to think more like your company’s leaders so you can break through to the strategic side of ops, build your company’s revenue engine, and advance in your career.

Automate the Revenue Process in 7 Steps | Sales Hacker

Sales is more than just closing deals. For every win, countless hours of work went into the sales cycle. Here are 7 ways you can automate tedious processes to save time and have your team focus on closing deals.

Lead Routing Tools for Salesforce: A Buyer’s Guide | Lane Four

Successful RevOps leaders need to be able to depend on a lead routing tool to automate critical parts of their go-to-market processes. This comprehensive guide will take you through the key considerations for evaluating a lead routing tool.

The 5 Keys to SDR Hiring Success | Tenbound

SDR performance is a key piece to a company’s revenue growth. Find and hire the best candidates to bring the best talent onto your team.

Art & Science Blend with Educated Guesswork in a Marketing Budget | RevOps Co-op

A successful RevOps function requires harmony between revenue teams. Read how you can help create a marketing budget that compliments your RevOps strategy