March 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

As a busy quarter comes to a close, it's a great time to slow things down and take a few moments to read the latest RevOps content.

We’ve gathered some of the most interesting content for revenue ops published recently – on everything from sales emails, to tech stack, to 2021 revenue trends. Sit back, relax, and and enjoy this month’s awesome reads.

Why Your Sales Emails Aren’t Working, and What to Do About It | Entrepreneur

It’s easy for your emails to get lost in an ocean of other emails. Use these tips to help your sales team create emails that stand out.

Building the Right Tech Stack to Support your Revenue Operations Goals | Business to Community

Every organization needs to have the right tech stack to build out an effective RevOps strategy. Take these factors into consideration when adding to your tech stack.

4 Ways to Make Ramping SDRs Go Smoothly | Lane Four

Shorten the ramp-up time for incoming SDRs with these 4 tips and get them booking meetings to generate more revenue in less time.

The Future of Sales Analytics Promises More Commercial Impact | Gartner

The advancement of sales analytics driven by innovation in AI and augmented analytics will provide greater impact in business decisions for organizations that are able to keep up.

RevOps: The Modern Operating Model for Fast-Forward Organizations | TOPO (Gartner)

The RevOps model is a way of aligning an entire organization to drive efficient and predictable revenue. Learn why this model is being adopted by high growth organizations around the world.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Best Practices for Building a Revenue Machine | TOPO (Gartner)

Sales and marketing alignment is a key factor in generating revenue. Gain insights into some best practices that will help create harmonized alignment.

Revenue Leadership Trends to Consider for 2021 Planning | The Alexander Group

Tech and healthcare revenue leaders map out the operational trends for 2021 with emphasis on the evolving roles of marketing and customer success in revenue operations.

Blending Marketing and Technology: The New Approach to Revenue Operations | Revenue Collective

Revenue exec Jen Spencer dishes out the inside scoop on the increasing roles that marketing and technology are playing in the evolution of revenue operations.