June 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

Enjoy June's best of RevOps on sales & marketing alignment, SalesOps strategies, and career development tips.

Summer just got hotter with the latest hot reads in the world of RevOps. This month, we’re bringing the best resources around the web on sales & marketing alignment, SalesOps strategies, and career development tips. Enjoy!

Here’s the Difference Between Marketing and Sales Funnels | Sales Hacker

How do you differentiate the marketing and sales funnel? Regardless of the definitions, the end goal of both are to drive revenue – Sales Hacker breaks down why the era of separate funnels might be coming to an end.

4 Ways Matching & Routing Unlocks Territory Planning | Lane Four

Without the right tools, it’s near impossible to build long-term territory plans. Here’s how matching & routing can unlock sustainable, growth-oriented territory models.

4 Tricky AE Comp Policies to Define ASAP | RevOps Co-op

Managing a team of AEs is delicate business. To avoid any confusion or conflicts, there are 4 key compensation areas that need strict and clear policies: Expansion, Renewals, Churn, Clawback.

What Does Alignment Really Mean Anyway and How Can RevOps Help? | RevGenius

Sales and marketing alignment – it’s more than having a cross-team Slack channel and weekly inter-department meetings. Check out this article to see how RevOps can ensure each team has the same definitions of key metrics, GTM processes, and hand-off points.

Influencing Without Authority | RevOps Co-op

RevOps is a function that touches multiple departments, but not everybody recognizes that. Use these tips to build your influence around the company – whether for project management or career advancement.

Burnout and The Art of Performance Management | RevGenius

Burnout in sales is very real, but it’s also manageable. While the causes are complex and reactions are varied, the wellness performance index can help you start tracking staff wellbeing and provide support for your team.

3 Sales Ops Strategies to Prevent Deals from Stalling at Closing | Sales Hacker

Your team is getting great leads, your reps are turning them into deals, but deals seem to keep getting stuck at the last step. What gives? When deals are stalling at the end, it’s usually a process issue. Here are 3 strategies to remove those last hurdles.