July 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

Hot off the keyboards! This month's best RevOps insights.

Get into July’s best of RevOps! This month, we have resources that touch on every aspect of RevOps including training processes, stats and analytics, strategic planning, compensation models, and more. Happy reading!

RevOps vs SalesOps – What’s the Difference? | Sales Hacker

Sales Ops and RevOps: are they just buzzwords that mean the same thing? Not at all, as it turns out. Find out how revenue leaders distinguish the two and why RevOps is the latest evolution of operations.

Scaling Your Sales Team: How to Set New SDRs Up for Success | Lane Four

Growing your sales team is no easy task, but you can put in processes to set up new SDRs for success from the start. Learn how team culture, training process, and open feedback work together to set new SDRs on a path to success.

Back to Basics: Configuring Campaigns for Optimal Analytics | RevOps Co-op

Are you using SFDC Campaigns to its fullest potential? Check out this article on how to optimize SFDC Campaigns into your reporting infrastructure to show in-depth marketing ROI.

How to Build a Sales Playbook Using a Customer-Centric Approach | RevGenius

Sales is all about taking care of the customer. But as customer behaviors and expectations evolve, sales tactics and strategies have not kept up. Learn how you can create a sales playbook that truly puts the customer first.

Sales Enablement: Key Insights from Statistics That You Should Know | Business 2 Community

We all want to perfect sales enablement strategies to increase rep performance and drive more deals. Well, it’s totally possible. See which types of stats matter the most for sales enablement and how to use them for deeper insights.

3 Proactive Revenue Operations Projects That Deliver Value | Sales Hacker

The true value of a RevOps function isn’t to fix existing issues. It lies in being proactive to prevent future problems. Here are three project inspirations to help get your RevOps team out of a reactive rut to become a proactive solution.

Bookings vs. Collections-Based Compensation: What to choose for your SaaS product? | Pavilion

Should you adopt a bookings or collections-based compensation model? Dive into the pros and cons of each to understand which model is best for your team.

What Lead to Account Matching is, and Why It Matters | Hubspot

A concise case for using lead-to-account matching at scale.