August 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

This month's insights include a comprehensive review of major CRM systems, tips to increase speed to lead, advice for creating better alignment, and more.

The best content from around the web in August is here! In this edition of Awesome Reads, we have insights to beef up your revenue ops strategy with a comprehensive CRM review, tips to increase speed to lead, how to create better alignment for revenue teams, and more. Enjoy!

The 2021 Rev-Ops Co-op CRM Product Review | RevOps Co-op

Not all CRM systems are equal. Check out this comprehensive review of the biggest names in CRM including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Speed to Lead: 3 Problems Slowing Sales Down (And How to Solve Them | Lane Four

In the B2B world, speed to lead is a huge indicator of sales team performance and the impact they have on growth. Here are the 3 biggest problems slowing down your lead response and how to fix them.

How We Use Activity-based Sequences to Reduce Churn | Outreach

Good retention relies on your ability to get in front of the problem. Activity-based sequences is a great way to get a good read on customer health warnings and catch the problems early.

Why RevOps Is the Answer to Your Compensation Planning Headaches | Hubspot

Creating the right compensation plan is one of the more difficult tasks you have to account for when building a sales team. A unified rev ops approach to compensation planning covers all the core components to have all the relevant data for a stellar compensation plan.

How to Make Marketing and Sales Meetings More Effective and Impactful | Sales Hacker

Sales and marketing alignment is key to revenue success. Make the most of your alignment meetings with these meeting preparation tips.

State of Revenue Alignment | Modern Sales Pros

Alignment optimizes your marketing and sales cycles as a whole, reducing costs and driving organizational growth. Modern Sales Pros surveyed Sales and Customer Success teams to gauge their perceptions of Marketing teams and the state of their revenue alignment.

Why Your Company Needs Revenue Operations to Drive Transformation | Harvard Business Review

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a lead that the marketing team has deemed more likely to become a customer compared to others. Having a process to mark them accurately can help your sales team convert at a higher rate and drive up revenue.