April 2021’s Awesome Reads for RevOps

Head into spring with the best RevOps content on forecasting, career advice, and more.

Spring is finally here! With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time for some outdoor reading. We’ve got the best RevOps trends and insights from April to help you build out your spring time reading list.

RevOps Will Fix Your Pipeline and Your Love Problems | Sales Hacker

What is RevOps? That’s the million dollar (hopefully more!) question. We all know it’s such an important part of SaaS success yet there are so many different opinions of what it is. How do YOU define RevOps?

This Template Will Fix Your Forecasting | Lane Four

Accurate forecasting is crucial to the growth of any company. Get the template that the Lane Four SaaS Managers use with their clients to break down your sales process for more accurate forecasts.

RevOps Career: How (and Why) to Find the Right RevOps Job | Sales Hacker

By combining technical skills with interpersonal intelligence, a career in RevOps is dynamic and rewarding. See why now is the time to double down on your career development as a RevOps professional.

How to Craft Winning Proposals | Revenue Collective

“In short, a proposal is your chance to hone your craft and step up your sales game.” When done right, a proposal can solidify your company’s position as a top vendor. Learn how to craft the perfect proposal with these 4 tips.

Three Ways To Reject Uncertainty And Embrace Data In Decision-Making | Forbes

Move out of the status quo by embracing data-driven processes and automation. Here are 3 tips revenue leaders can use to build trust with automated data for better decision making.

Hiring a Revenue Operations Professional: Enablement | RevOps Co-op

Enablement should be planned specifically to the needs of your organization. This article outlines the skills and experience needed for new hires to excel in the role, plus questions to ask to find the perfect candidate.

How to Create Guardrails that Empower Your Sales Team | RevOps Blog

Establishing guardrails can empower the sales team for better performance. Aligning sales, finance, marketing, and other go-to-market operations into a single function equates to predictable revenue.