ABM Metrics 101: A Mini-Guide to Measuring Account-Based Marketing in Salesforce

Our new mini-guide provides key considerations and information to effectively measure your ABM efforts in Salesforce.

Account-based marketing (ABM) has entered a new era. Having produced undeniable results for so many organizations (better conversion rates, ROI, and growth), ABM is now mainstream. Today, good B2B marketing is account-based marketing. But even though we have the sophisticated tools and strategies needed to make account-based marketing function, measuring ABM still proves difficult.

Account-based companies often have trouble getting the data required to understand what’s really going on with ABM. And without this data, it’s impossible to make strategic decisions based on the effectiveness of your programs. Luckily, with Salesforce at the center of your tool integrations and processes, it is possible to get all of the ABM metrics you need from the CRM you already have.

In this mini-guide, we reveal key considerations for measuring ABM, and share common metrics organizations are using to measure ABM today.

What’s Inside

The mini-guide provides a glimpse into common ABM metrics that we’ve seen account-based organizations use. It also illuminates key considerations for tracking and measuring target accounts, intent, engagement, attribution, and reporting.

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