Introducing the Lane Four Labs Custom Packages: Bringing you more Efficiency in Salesforce

We’re excited to introduce Lane Lane Four Labs–an initiative that promises to reshape the way organizations harness the power of Salesforce functionalities. Lane Four Labs presents a dynamic collection of custom packages meticulously crafted through a fusion of creativity and client needs.

Our journey began with a commitment to continuous learning and always finding new ways to enhance our own operations as well as those of our clients. After all, if we can’t lead by example, we certainly don’t expect others to follow suit! During an introspective review of our existing work, we pondered over the question: “How can we leverage what we have to enhance not just our own system, but maybe those of our clients too?”

Continuing to think through these facets, we combined this with identifying common functionalities and inefficiencies across Salesforce, drawing inspiration from real-world client experiences and questions our consultants have received in the past. In essence, our commitment to continuous improvement, coupled with a proactive approach to addressing client needs, laid the foundation for the creation of Lane Four Labs.

A Fusion of Creativity and Client Needs

We believe that by optimizing our own operations, we can confidently share solutions that come full circle, benefiting both our team as well as our clients–Lane Four Labs is a testament to this philosophy.

Six Innovative Packages in the Works

Lane Four Labs currently has six innovative packages in the works, each undergoing continuous refinement to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. These packages are designed with a focus on crafting intuitive user interfaces and ensuring smooth functionality. While the six different packages are at different stages of development, we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to and are committed to keeping you updated as we roll these out to our clients!

Live in Orgs:

Mass Merge: Simplifying data management and reducing duplication through efficient merging capabilities. (G/A – Launching soon)
A2C Sync: Streamlining the process of copying vital information between accounts and contacts. (G/A)
MEDDPICC: Providing a comprehensive solution for strategic sales planning. (Beta)
Alerting Banner Framework: Facilitating real-time communication through a customizable alerting framework. (Beta)
Freemail Domain: Enhancing email domain management for improved communication. (Beta – New U/I coming soon)

In Development:
SaaS Metrics: Delivering metrics that matter and intended to expand your Salesforce CPQ functionalities.

Exclusive Access for Lane Four Clients

As of now, Lane Four Labs packages are exclusively available to Lane Four clients (with active support agreements). We believe in providing our clients with a competitive edge, and access to these innovative tools is just one way we fulfill that commitment. To use these packages, organizations must be, or become, Lane Four customers, ensuring a tailored and exclusive experience. Already working with us and want to learn more? Ask your project team for more information!

Evolving Solutions for a
Dynamic Salesforce Ecosystem

By offering custom packages born out of real-world experiences and creative problem-solving, we hope this reflects our dedication to keeping up with evolving solutions in the dynamic Salesforce ecosystem. 

We want to ensure that each package undergoes rigorous testing and refinement to exceed industry standards and intend to remain focused on providing our clients with tools that not only meet their needs today but also anticipate their future requirements. Stay tuned!

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