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Round Robin Assignment for Salesforce

Everything you need for round robin assignment, at your fingertips.

New Setup Wizard

So simple, you'll get from install to go-live in under an hour.

Trusted by high-growth SaaS startups.

Get leads to the right reps fast, with any assignment model.

Round robin and region-based assignment for Salesforce.

Customizable Round Robin Framework

Field & Region-Based Assignment

Shark-Tank Style Queues

Weighted Distribution

Presence-Based Assignment

Global Assignment Limits

Time-of-Day Based Assignment

Assign any record.

Round robin leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and custom objects.

Customize your round robins with ease.

Detailed filter conditions let you perform field-based or region-based assignment.

Manage users easily.

Handle vacations, leaves, and other absences at the click of a button—so you never lose leads.

Empower your sales team today.

Up to 15 Sales Users*
$500 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Up to 40 Sales Users
$1,000 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Up to 100 sales users
$2,250 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Have More than 100 Sales Users? Sales Rep Packs available at $450 per 20 users.
*Sales User is defined as a Salesforce user who is eligible for routing assignments.

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