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Managing Round Robins

Round Robins

Round robins can be used to assign leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Key fields on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities are used to determine which round robin to use. See Account-Based Lead assignment, Account Assignment and Contact Assignment to learn how the assignment function is initiated.

Key Field Mappings for Lead

Lane Four Lead Segment and Lane Four Lead Sub-Segment are mapped to the fields Region and Sub-Region on the Round Robin Object. An exact match on both fields is required to select the round robin.

Key Field Mappings for Account

Lane Four Account Segment and Lane Four Account Sub-Segment are mapped to the fields Region and Sub-Region on the Round Robin object. An exact match on both fields is required to select the round robin. 

Lead and Account to Round Robin Mapping:

The round robin segment field are mapped to round robins via the following:

  • Lane Four Lead Segment –> Round Robin Region
  • Lane Four Lead Sub-Segment –> Round Robin Sub-Region
  • Lane Four Account Segment –> Round Robin Region
  • Lane Four Account Sub-Segment –> Round Robin Sub-Region

The round robin must be setup as a lead, contact, account or opportunity round robin for it to be used on that object.

If no round robin is found via the mapping above, the round robin selected as the default be chosen.

Set Up Round Robins:

Launch the round robin configuration page from the Lane Four launcher. Here is

where you will be able to search, edit and create round robins.

Click “Create new round robin”


The name will be used to identify your round robin. This is the name that will be displayed on object records. For owner round robins where the round robin user is determined by the owner of a record, the “Owner” field must contain the name of the user that owns the records. For regional round robins, select the region and sub-region fields.

Edit Round Robin Assignments. Clicking into a round robin displays options to add new assignments and strategically weigh each user’s role. Use the search function to find a user among long lists of assignments.

Round Robin assignments can be weighed to ensure some users are assigned more records than others. This can be adjusted via the button labelled “Create New Assignments”. Search users and add round robin assignments by typing their names and clicking on the user. Select the number of credits from the dropdown field beside their name. The more credits a round robin user has, the more records will be assigned to them.

Defining Round Robin Queues

During the Lane Four onboarding process, default queues will be set. To map additional queues to specific round robins, click “Connect Queue to Round Robin” from the round robin page. Select a queue and a round robin that you would like to map it to.

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