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Round Robin Assignment

Get leads to the right reps fast

Assign any record.

Round robin leads, contacts, opportunities, and custom objects.

Configure your round robins
with ease.

Detailed filter conditions let you perform field-based or region-based assignment.

Assign multiple fields.

Assign leads to sales reps and account managers at the same time.

Manage users easily.

Handle vacations, leaves, and other absences at the click of a button—so you never lose leads.

Accommodate territories.

Seamlessly integrate existing territory rules into your round robin structure.

Plus, everything else you need.

Shark-tank style queues

Weighted distribution

Online vs. offline presence-based assignment

Daily, weekly, monthly, and global assignment limits

Time-of-day based assignment

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Lane Four Basic Matching + Routing
Customizable Lead-to-Account Matching

Routing for Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Custom Objects

Round Robin Assignment

User Management
Lane Four Advanced Routing + Support
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All of the basics

Advanced Territories

Custom Onboarding

On-Demand Product Support

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