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Lead-to-Account Matching

Streamline your account-based strategy with powerful, easy-to-use lead-to-account matching

Match the right leads to the right accounts quickly and seamlessly

Match any field to any field, whether standard or custom

Produce accurate matches based on straightforward, fuzzy, or complex logic

Reveal Hidden Relationships In Your Data

Lane Four’s Match View provides a snapshot of potential duplicates, matched accounts, and related leads. These factors inform Lane Four’s auto-conversion, routing, and assignment decisions.

Prioritize the Right Matches

Prioritize matches based on region, account attributes, customer information and other customizable factors.

You can also set a minimum match score to make sure your leads meet the right criteria for assignment.

Take Intelligent Action with Your Data

Lead-to-account matching allows for seamless and accurate auto-conversion, routing, round robin assignment and more.

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