Lane Four Partners with RevGenius

Lane Four is now an official partner of RevGenius! We're excited to be joining an inclusive and growing community to shape the future of RevOps.

We’re excited to announce our newly minted partnership with RevGenius! This rapidly-growing, inclusive community brings together like-minded professionals to build the future of sales, marketing, and revenue operations.

Join us for our first RevGenius partner event, Salesforce Hacks to Reduce Friction in Your Sales Process:

Ops and sales come together in this session to accomplish one goal: 

Get your reps to spend more time selling and less time dealing with data.

Keeping your Salesforce data honest is tough. Cleaning up bad data takes forever, and it’s hard to enforce good data practices among your sales team. 

The good news? 

Making some simple changes in your CRM can make a huge difference to your data quality.

Lane Four SaaS Practice Manager, Aidas Dirse and Director of Sales, Anthony Carione discuss Salesforce automation hacks that will instantly make the sales process smoother, including…

  • Simple, actionable Lightning page layout tweaks
  • Game-changing screen flows to cut hours of reps’ time
  • Matching and routing to handle inbound and account-based challenges


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