Matching & Routing

Give sales the context they need to work every lead, and lay the foundation for account-based strategies — so you never miss another opportunity.

Lane Four Highroad empowers high-growth companies to maximize data efficiency, productivity, and go-to-market effectiveness in Salesforce.

Born out of our consulting work with hundreds of fast-growing companies, Highroad anticipates your evolving lead management needs as you scale.

Key Features

Lead-to-Account Matching: Instantly and accurately identify incoming leads based on the data you already have in Salesforce.

Advanced Routing & Round Robins: Get Salesforce records to the right people with the right context.

SLAs: Measure speed to lead, motivate rep actions, and manage performance with data.

“Lane Four Highroad is like the Swiss Army knife of lead routing. It became a no-brainer once we realized how many use cases Lane Four could quickly solve.”

Ryan Zoltek

Revenue Ops Lead at OnFleet

Routing that stays affordable at scale.

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