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Lead-to-Account Matching

Powerful matching in Salesforce.

Make accurate matches, every time.

  Domain-Based Matching

  Advanced Fuzzy Matching

  Lead-to-Contact Matching

  Custom Fields

  Data Enrichment Provider Integrations


Match anything.

Match any field to any field via a sophisticated matching engine.

Easily view data relationships.

Our Match View lets you view all of your data relationships in one convenient place.

Prioritize the matches you care about most.

Base matches on region, account attributes, customer information and more.

High-Growth Startups Lane Four


Lane Four Basic Matching + Routing
Customizable Lead-to-Account Matching

Routing for Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Custom Objects

Round Robin Assignment

User Management
Lane Four Advanced Routing + Support
Contact Us
All of the basics

Advanced Territories

Custom Onboarding

On-Demand Product Support

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