We Went, We Learned, & We’re Ready to Share: Our Takeaways from TrailblazerDX 2024

A conference that offered all the “TO-DOs” and “TO-SEE”s that a Salesforce Developer could ask for? Yep, TrailblazerDX 2024 was the full package and didn’t disappoint, and we had a couple of our own Development team members return this year just to check it out first hand. From deep dives to coding camp, community networking to exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming features, and of course, even rubbing elbows with Einstein himself (sort of), our crew crammed two days full of excitement and learning and they’re ready to share!

Curious about their top takeaways? Join us as we unpack some invaluable key learnings that our trailblazers are bringing straight from the conference floor to their desks this week.

Sandboxes on Hyperforce

Now generally available, Sandboxes on Hyperforce provides Salesforce Developers with an expansive playground to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Quick Clone: Devs can now clone sandboxes at much faster rate, this new feature allows cloning to be turbocharged to reduce cloning and set up times.
  • Scale Test:
    • Test Plan Creation: Users can view peak hours or select a custom data to identify performance hotspots.The tool provides optimization insights from a front-end perspective, including the most used and slowest pages, Lightning components, REST APIs, and SOAP APIs.
    • Viewing Server-side Traffic: Provides server-side metrics such as triggers, platform events, and DMLs, enabling users to understand traffic patterns and backend operations.

Einstein For Developers (Plugin)

Now available in VSCode (and actively being used by our own team members), Einstein for Developers is an AI-powered tool with access to org data, enabling it to analyze context and deliver answers with greater accuracy. Here are three of the primary features we’ve been finding super useful:

  • Generate Apex code: Ability to enter natural language instructions to describe the expected functionality and receive Apex code suggestions directly within your editor.
  • Inline Autocomplete: Receive inline suggestions while coding in Apex and LWC files, allowing you to easily select the most suitable option.
  • Test Case Generation: Ability to quickly generate test cases for apex methods, by right  clicking on an apex method and selecting ‘Generate a test’

Einstein Co-Pilot For Administrators

The spotlight at TrailblazerDX 2024 was on Prompt Builder, an innovative tool designed to aid Salesforce Admins in tackling routine tasks with the assistance of generative AI. Admins have the ability to create prompt templates, which Prompt Builder utilizes. Through Prompt Builder, Admins can effortlessly incorporate AI into their current workflows by invoking prompt templates using Lightning web components, Flows, Apex, and Einstein Copilot. The tool provides three varieties of prompt templates: sales email templates, field generation templates, and flex templates, each tailored to address various CRM tasks.

Here are the three prompt templates currently available and there functionality (retrieve from here):

  • Sales email templates — Email is an easy starting point when you first dabble in the world of generative AI. You can build a prompt to automatically create emails with the click of a button that incorporates the important business context from your CRM data. If you’re an Einstein for Sales customer, you can even customize the five out-of-the-box email prompt templates to make them that much more effective.
  • Field generation templates — By assigning a prompt template to a field within Dynamic Forms, you’re able to turn that field into an AI-powered field where users can auto-generate summaries or descriptions based on CRM data.
  • Flex templates — As the name suggests, you can create a variety of customized prompt templates with grounding data from multiple objects simultaneously, regardless of whether those objects are related or not.

Users can gain access to Einstein Copilot through the purchase of Einstein 1 Editions or by seamlessly integrating it into their existing Enterprise or Unlimited Editions.

Evaluate Dynamic Formulas in Apex (Developer Preview)

Leverage the latest FormulaEval namespace classes to assess user-created formulas for both Apex and sObjects. This functionality enables you to circumvent unnecessary DML statements for updating formula field values or appraising dynamic formula expressions. This enhancement was made possible, at least in part, by contributions from IdeaExchange suggestions. 

While this feature was revealed within the Salesforce spring 2024 release notes, it is accessible solely as a Developer preview. Until Salesforce officially declares its general availability through documentation, press releases, or public announcements, the feature remains unavailable for general use. Please be aware that all commands, parameters, and features are liable to undergo alterations or may be deprecated at any moment, with or without prior notification. Therefore, refrain from integrating functionalities developed with these commands or tools into a production environment.

Process Platform Events at Scale with Parallel Subscriptions for Apex Triggers (Pilot)

This game-changing feature is all about speeding up your events in Apex processing by tackling multiple subscriptions simultaneously, instead of a single subscription. How does it work? The events each subscription processes depends on the partition key that you specify—a platform event custom field or the standard EventUuid field. You can specify up to 10 partitions, which are parallel subscriptions that are created internally for the trigger. Parallel subscriptions are available for custom platform events but not standard events or change events.

At the moment, this functionality is currently in a limited release phase and is undergoing testing with specific customers, contingent upon additional terms and conditions. It is not generally available, nor included in the services you may have already purchased. Please note that this feature may undergo alterations, could be terminated without prior notice at any time at Salesforce’s discretion, and may never become generally available. Base your purchasing decisions solely on features and products that are generally available. This feature is provided on an “AS IS” basis, and utilization of it is solely at your own risk.

Feeling as excited as we are about these features? We hope you are. Happy exploring and if you have any questions about any of the above, you know the drill…let’s Chat!

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