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Matching Leads To Accounts

How to Match Leads With Accounts

Lane Four is a 100% native application that lets you make the most of the tools you already have. These rules give Lane Four all potential matches in your Salesforce instance, including fuzzy name matching and domain matches.  These matching rules…

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Custom Or Standard API?

How Junk Data Can Affect Your Business

The world of sales is one that is based on volume - the more leads you have, the better, right? Although more leads can result in more opportunities won, it can also seriously hamper your organization’s performance. Every single lead that comes in is packed with a smorgasbord of information - you have the contact info, account info, geographic info, and so on. As your lead database expands, the oversight you have over your records has to keep pace as well. Many organizations run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by big data from not properly taking advantage of tools at their disposal. So what is junk data first of all?
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Why Visibility is a Must-have in Record Matching

A dilemma that faces many in the world of sales is the overabundance of information. Every day, organizations receive new information by the minute in the form of leads - it’s not uncommon for a team to run across hundreds, maybe thousands, of leads in a single week. With so many new leads coming in, this bombardment of data makes it very easy for a rep to lose track of key leads.
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