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Accelerate your growth with matching and routing

Reach leads faster and boost your conversion rate with lead-to-account matching and routing built by Salesforce experts.

Expertise you can trust

We help high-growth startups scale faster and smarter with Salesforce.

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Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing

Streamline inbound and account-based programs with lead-to-account matching, lead routing, and more.

Lead-to-Account Matching

Account-Based Routing

High-Growth Startups Rely on Lane Four

What customers are saying

4.8 Stars

“Hands-down best routing solution.”

“Lane Four is a game changer.”

“Unparalleled customer service and powerful tool.”

5 Stars

“Lane Four has revolutionized our ABM go-to-market strategy.”

“Has enabled us to be truly account-based with our sales strategy.”

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