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Lane Four & Modern Sales Pros Toronto Salon

Join us on September 17 for Building a Revenue Ops Team

We’re excited to be partnering with Modern Sales Pros for another salon. This time, we’ll be in Toronto to discuss all things revenue ops.

Register now for this free event, and we’ll see you at the LevelJump HQ in downtown Toronto at 6pm on September 17th!

How Does an MSP Salon Work?

Attendees are organized into small teams with peers who work at similar stage companies to share relevant best practices around the night’s topic. For this event, the theme is Building a Revenue Ops Team. It’s all about networking and peer education over amazing food and drinks.

About the Topic

The conversations will revolve around how best to manage your team, CRM processes, and tools to promote efficient, effective, and scalable revenue operations. Everyone should walk away from these events with actionable and tactical ways to approach building your revenue ops team – leveraging data, science, tech, and humanization in your sales process, at scale.

Discussion topics may include the following:

  • The function of revenue operations
  • How to hire the right people for your revenue ops team
  • The tech tools you need to optimize revenue ops processes
  • How to get the metrics you need
  • Much more

What is the Modern Sales Pro Salon?

Modern Sales requires a high-rigor, highly analytical, technically competent, and numerate approach to selling, in order to support high velocity, high complexity sales opportunities. The goal of this salon is to accelerate the learning and professional development of exemplars of this new school of selling through peer education, and provide an extremely high-quality environment to ensure that those aims are achieved.

Register for your free ticket now.

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