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Outreach Announces Last-Touch Attribution

Report on the Sales Activities that Generate Revenue

Now you can better track the performance of your sales sequences in Outreach using the new Last-Touch Sequence Attribution feature.

This feature traces Outreach Sequences to Salesforce Opportunities, and determines the specific Sequence a prospect was in before being converted to an Opportunity in Salesforce.

Available to Outreach customers using the Salesforce integration, this feature allows you to pinpoint the sequences that are actually generating revenue—and those that aren’t.

Specifically, you’ll be able to generate reports that answer these questions:

  • Which sequences are associated with new opportunities created and won?
  • Which sequences are associate with the most revenue?

Consider Other Attribution Models, Too

We recommend this new functionality to those using Outreach and Salesforce. But keep in mind the general limitations of last touch attribution: It only takes into account the most recent Sequence associated with an Opportunity. It’s also important to consider how you’ll track first touch attribution and multi-touch attribution. Especially considering that most contacts will run through multiple sequences before an Opportunity happens.

One strategy we recommend to our clients is to create your Opportunity earlier in the pipeline–for example, at the demo stage. This will allow you to track more information about how long deals take to close and the activities impacting their velocity.

Try it Out

For step-by step instructions to configure Outreach and Salesforce, check out the official Last Touch Sequence Attribution Guide.

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