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1.209 Notes

Permission Set: Lane Four Assignment User

A managed permission set was added several months ago, and has been updated with all fields, objects, etc. below. This permission set should be added to any user who initiates assignments or will manage Lane Four functionality.

Real-Time Lead-to-Account Matching:

Lane Four is moving away from relying on duplicate record sets for lead-to-account and match view logic. The first step is to indicate on record creation if a match has been found in the system. Lane Four has included a new field Lane Four Has Match, which if TRUE indicates related records have been found.


  • Currently implemented: If this new field is true, and duplicate record set data has not been detected, the lead-to-account match process will be tried again, until the match data is found. This prevents a timing issue found by some customers where duplicate record set data would take over 1 minute to generate.
  • Phase 2: If this field is TRUE, we will be queueing this record for relevant lead-to-account matching and routing processes. This processing check will not rely on duplicate record set information and use the match results at the time of processing. This will improve accuracy of account match data and improve overall system performance.  We expect this release to happen in 2-3 weeks.

Task Re-Assignment

An issue was fixed where reoccurring tasks caused task re-assignments to fail

A new checkbox on Lead and Contact has been added. When checked this will update tasks related to the lead / contact owner to the lead / contact owner. To make use of this functionality, create a workflow or process builder update on these fields. Note it will only update these kinds of tasks:

  • Incomplete tasks
  • Non Recurring tasks
  • The current setting which assigns tasks on owner changes remains as-is

Lead-to-Account Matching updates

Optional logic to require a field match to be present before the matched account field is populated. For example, you require a country or region match before the matched account field is populated.

Fixed issue of a double counting domain score when multiple domains are enabled.

Match View:

Fixed issue with merge / mass update / mass edit function not working in Lightning.

Fixed issue where large volumes of data was visible in the match view.

Auto Create Account:

Leads related to each other in a master lead group are now all matched to a newly created account.

Now able to map checkbox fields from leads to accounts and in account static values. This allows newly created accounts to trigger account routing.

Lead to Contact Merging:

When performing a lead to contact merge, the lead owner is updated to the matched contact owner.

SLA Interface:

The SLA interface now shows if the hours so far job is already scheduled.

Status Rollups:

Support for multiple task values to update the same lead or contact status field.

Hourly Maintenance Job:

When thousands of accounts are updated, this could result in query limits being hit with the account maintenance job, the issue has been resolved.

Errors, Logging and Reporting:

Additional logging options on contact and account owner changes.

Region Automation Updates:

The region automation interface now shows if a territory owner is a queue and allows selection of a queue.Assignment
The fields Assign Region on Lead, contact and account now work independently of the custom setting “enable region automation on Lead/Contact/Account”. This ensures you can selectively assign regions to individual records, not all records created by the system.

Round Robin:

You can now trigger a round robin from any object using a process builder or flow. Simply create a process builder on the object you want to assign.

  • The record ID will be passed into the class
  • The round robin for this object will be selected
  • The round robin will need the api of the object being assigned
  • The round robin will update the ownerID of the defined object OR the field indicated by the override field
  • Currently only one round robin per object is supported, we have plans on supporting multiple in the near future

Round Robin Credit Usage Integrated with Other Systems

Some customers use tools which pre-assign records, but want to incorporate these tools into the distribution of records to ensure everything is equally assigned.

  • There is a new checkbox on lead / account / contact called “Lane Four take Round Robin Credit”
  • When this checkbox is TRUE we simulate the round robin selection, and use a credit by the current owner if the owner is in the round robin
  • Update assignment dates on lead / account / contact
  • Update assignment date / time on round robin credit record
  • Do not update lead / contact / account owner
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