Random Smart Round Robins for Salesforce

Your leads and opportunities are too important to be assigned randomly. Our round robin software supports even the most complex territory logic, using custom routing rules and account matching to distribute any Salesforce object fairly, and intelligently.

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round robins for salesforce

Trusted by high-growth revenue teams

Automated and intelligent round robins for any Salesforce object

round robin rules

Automatically assign with speed and accuracy

Route Salesforce objects with intelligent round robins that take every data point into context for assignments

Round robins that see the bigger picture

Create custom rules so that leads are routed to the right rep before being put into a round robin

  • Route multiple leads from the same company to just one sales rep
  • Route leads related to open opportunities to the existing account rep
  • Automatically adjust to vacation schedules and route hot opportunities based on real-time availabilities
  • Plus more…

Say goodbye to disputed leads​

Advanced territory management so that leads are always distributed fairly based on your unique preferences

Never miss an opportunity

Stop opportunities from slipping through the cracks with notifications and SLA tracking. Track speed to lead and automatically reroute leads and opportunities back into a round robin if an SLA is violated.

Easy to implement and manage

No more waiting on Salesforce admins to make changes. Sales leaders can quickly set up and manage their team’s round robin settings.

Speak with a Certified Salesforce Expert

Hands-on implementation and support to help your team win

marissa_white (1)
We have been really blown away by Lane Four. Setting up lead routing is SUPER simple and we were able to set up in minutes. The attention after purchase has been amazing - they really want us to succed.
Marissa White
Director of Revenue Operations
ryan_zoltek (1)
Lane Four is like the Swiss Army knife of lead routing. It became a no-brainer once we realized how many use cases Lane Four could quickly solve.
Ryan Zoltek
Revenue Ops Lead

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