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2.3 Notes

Email & Bell Notifications

Notify new owners of new Lane Four assignments as part of your routing. When configuring your routing rules, you can choose to send the new owner an email with a link to the assigned record, or notify them via the Lightning notification bell.

Routing Rules Updates

1. Defining rule and entry conditions is now easier with the option to select picklist values, dates, and users. Selecting these from existing options is quicker and reduces the potential for errors over having to type in values.

2. Routing rules are displayed in a newly- designed table to improve readability and make it easier to scan through your rules. Each rule’s conditions are now displayed in plain English and all condition values are bolded so it’s easy to quickly find each rule’s unique qualifiers.

3. Entry conditions, which define when a feature runs, have also been redesigned to be visible and editable right from the feature pages, so that one does not have to go into a secondary screen to see and edit them.

4. We’re now supporting the ability to add multiple assignments within a single rule, and set backups for assignments via reference to another field. Contact assignment via reference field will also update related accounts and contacts based on your configurations.


Auto Merge 

Define duplicate leads and contacts in Lane Four’s new auto merge. When a new lead or contact is created, it will be merged with it’s duplicate(s) if they meet the conditions of your merge rule. 

Changes to Routing Rules 

Routing rules can now be triggered to run when a field has changed. To take advantage of this, add the desired field to the entry conditions, and select “has changed” as the operator. This condition can be used on it’s own, or in combination with other conditions. Note that a record will never meet a “has changed” condition on creation, but only on an edit where the value of the selected field changes. In the future, you will be able to use it to specify conditions for re-routing, separately from the initial routing conditions.

Add Time to User Leave

You now have the option to set a start and end time for your user’s leave, rather than just dates. If you choose to add time, the leave will be respected and no assignments will be made to the user within the selected time period.

You can also now add the user leave widget to a user’s detail page in Salesforce so that the user can set their leave on their own, without going into Lane Four.

Shotgun Alert History & Stats

You can now report on the instances where a shotgun alert was displayed to an online rep, and whether or not they claimed the available lead(s). Navigate to the Shotgun Alert History report in the Lane Four folder to see the last 7 days’ history of leads displayed and claimed via the Shotgun Alert. 

You can also take a look at who is currently online and offline from User Management, along with their summarized seen/claimed Shotgun Alert stats.

Additional Changes

  • Treating frozen users the same way we do inactive ones
  • Ability to auto convert leads and auto create accounts all leads on creation without defining conditions
  • Manage inactive users from the User Management interface to reassign owned records and move them out of configured rules and round robins
  • Ability to mark rules as not default
  • Round robin assignment of orphan contacts (which do not have a related account)
  • Making adding a task optional for lead conversion from the match view page component
  • Fix for editing rules with contains operators & custom logic with over 10 conditions
  • Fix for displaying inactive users configured for assignment in rules
  • Fix for region only rules updating records which do not need to be updated by standard rules
  • Preventing double assignment if a record meets the conditions for assignment more than once at the same time
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