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Routing Rules

With Lane Four Rules, you can manage routing from one easy-to-use interface. Create a rule for each routing scenario and select who should own those records. The first applicable rule will be used for routing, and you can choose when to run rules without the need for a process builder or flow. All assignment models are supported including round robin, territory assignment to a user, lookup to a referenced field on the record or its related account, and queues. Routing is available on leads, accounts and contacts, and will soon be available for opportunities and custom objects.


Lane Four Routing Rules

Region-Only Rules

By designating some rules as region-only, you can split out routing from region automation. This is especially useful if your routing is not region-based, but you would like to update records with region groupings for reporting or other purposes. Region-only rules run on creation, whereas routing rules can be configured to run when a record meets entry conditions for routing. Both the top region-only and top routing rule will update one record if it meets the conditions for both.


New Navigation

Your landing page on Lane Four is now the health dashboard which displays stats and insights into Lane Four running in your org. You can navigate through the different Lane Four features using the new sticky side nav.


Lane Four Lead-to-Account Matching

Lead-to-Account (L2A) Matching  is now available directly from Lane Four with the click of a button. Rather than setting up Salesforce duplicate rules to define your L2A matching criteria, you can opt in to Lane Four’s L2A matching on domain. We will create relationships between leads and accounts which have a match between the lead domain, extracted from the email or website, and account domain, from its website and related contacts’ emails. With this rule as your base, use Lane Four prioritization to build a match score and apply the best matched account on your leads or add additional criteria required for the L2A match.

Out of Office

Enter a rep’s out of office dates so they do not get assignments while they are unavailable. While the rep is on leave, their spot will be kept in any round robins they are a part of. 

Priority Lead Routing

Leads can now be flagged for priority routing to process valuable leads first during periods of high volume processing. When the field Lane Four Priority Routing is checked on leads, they will be processed separately from the rest of Lane Four routing. This is useful to ensure good lead response times when there are planned or unplanned extra-large batches of leads submitted for routing at the same time as time-sensitive leads are coming in.

Shotgun Alert

The Shotgun Alert can notify your reps of new leads that they can assign to themselves. The visible pop-up along with the rep’s active self-assignment of the lead enables a faster lead response time on valuable leads. You can select which type of leads should use the Shotgun Alert, and they will only be available to reps in the selected round robin(s), in addition to optional daily, weekly and monthly user limits on assignments.


More Updates

    • Report on Lane Four assignments with the new Assignment History custom object. 
    • SLAs can be configured to be open and closed with custom filters. They can also be configured to close when a task is created or another date on the task such as the due date or start date.
    • Preview the next rep in line for a lead assignment from the Lane Four Match View page component. It will select the correct round robin and display the next rep in line. Currently supported for filtered round robins, and will support rules-based routing in the future.
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