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Round Robin ‘Override Assignment Field’ Enhanced

The ‘Override Assignment Field’ option in a Round Robin set up now allows you to populate a user lookup custom field with the participants of the Round Robin in a different object. The custom user lookup fields are not limited to the Round Robin object selected but will actually update in a non-selected object if the field names are identical. For instance, assigning an SDR to a Contact can also assign the SDR to the Account.

There are 3 scenarios to note when using this feature:

  1. If the custom field is labeled identically in all objects, it will populate the field in each object it appears in.
  2. If the custom field is not given identical names in all objects, it will update in whichever object it matches. For example, a Contact round robin can update an Account field.
  3. If the custom field only appears in the object the round robin is created for, it will update that object.

Region Automation Labels

The Lane Four Region Automation landing page displays a table that outlines the regions currently set up for your organization. Once a region is clicked, users can see the setup in more detail. We have enhanced the details table view to provide a dynamic display of the automation field names that are set up in the Lane Four Core Settings. 

Core Settings Region Automation Fields

The table updates based on how many objects specific regions are set up for:

  • If one object is found, the table fields will customize the settings of that object.
  • If multiple objects are found, the table will have an information bubble on the top right of the column name where you can hover and view the fields in each object that represents that column.
  • If multiple objects are found but have the same field representing a column, the header will then display the selected field name.

Region Automation Now Able to Populate Additional User Fields

Lane Four Region Automation now has the ability to populate additional user lookup fields during assignment. Organizations can now assign various user fields by region to be filled in the process. Setting up various Region owners can be done in the same window as a region creation by selecting the user lookup fields to populate.

Ability to Select Processes to Be Scheduled

Lane Four now allows you to select assignment and converting processes to run asynchronously (Scheduled) or synchronously (Real-Time). This new setting is found under the “Lane Four Batch Jobs” tab from the core settings page, scroll down the page and you will see the “Process” section where you can set up to your organization’s preference. This feature allows you to prioritize processes and eliminate waiting time on essential actions.

Supported Process Types:

  • Lead is owned by Assignment queue
  • Convert Lead
  • Assign Account
  • Assign Contact
  • Lead Region Assignment
  • Account Region Assignment
  • Contact Region Assignment

Minor Updates

    • Ability to filter Users based on Created Date from Lane Four launcher → Users option and selecting Advanced Filter.
    • Enhanced processes Dupe Field Processing (for lead, account, and contact on insert and update), Assign Contact and Auto Create Account now run under the sync setting (respecting batch size setting).
    • Fixed issue with SLA transactions being created without an SLA set up. 
    • If a Round Robin is not matched, it will no longer show as null in the de-reference error response.  
    • SLA scheduled job failure will now restart the job instead of requiring the user to reschedule.
    • If a Round Robin contains a filter not found when processing a record, it will no longer leave Assign Account field stuck.
    • Exclude from Owner Assignment checkbox now available in Region Automation Field Update setup and when checked will disable the field from populating when owner assignments are done separately.
    • New Owner User Lane Four contact field is no longer being left unchecked when a contact is routed.
    • Ability to evaluate a multi-select picklist and evaluate it against a list from a flow.
    • Lane Four Audit Reports from Lane Four component enhanced to show more details for failed transactions.
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