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1.274 Notes

Ability to Indicate User Vacation

From the Lane Four Users settings, you can now insert date ranges a user will be on vacation. This feature ensures that during the timeframe entered, the user is excluded from any Round Robins they are a part of; therefore assigning the record to the next user in line.  Ability to identify an overflow option also available, allowing you to select how to handle a record when all users within a Round Robin are away at the same time.

Round Robin Setup Enhancements

Setting up Round Robins no longer requires segment/subsegment mapping in core settings for a successful match to a record. This enhancement allows Round Robins to run without segment/subsegment mappings and no filter, a custom filter, or account team.

One click Lead to Account Improvements

Enhancements made to Lane Four’s One Click Lead to Account function made to automatically check off the Duplicate Rules Processed checkbox, fill in the Matched Account field on Lead records, fills in Account Contact Domain field in Account records, runs Free Mail Domain jobs for Accounts, Leads, and Contacts, and it now updates all Lane Four fields used for Matching.

Additional Users Field Added to Region Assignment

Region-Based Assignment setup now includes the ability for additional user fields to be selected and automatically filled in a Lead, Contact or Account record. The enhancement setup includes a new field in the Region Based Ownership pop-up that you can select an Object’s common or custom field with a user relationship to take part in the automation.

Account Domains Recognition in Matching

Lane Four’s Lead-to-Account matching logic has been enhanced to consider various email domains affiliated to an Account when considering a potential match of a newly created Lead. When Contacts of an Account have different variations of a company email domain, Lane Four will use all domain variations to accurately match in incoming Lead to an Account.

Minor Updates

  • Enhancements to Round Robin setup page for faster loading times.
  • Error messages to display in areas of Lane Four the user cannot save due to restricted permissions or an error.
  • Ability to remove/add a user from a Round Robin by removing/adding credits via the Users setup page made available.
  • Give and Take Ownership buttons set up to respect the global assignment limits created in Lane Four’s Global Assignment Limit feature.
  • Loading  a large number of leads processing enhanced to eliminate potential of leads being stuck in process queue.
  • Region Automation setup page now shows Priority Regions at the top of page.
  • Region Based Assignment page now allows users to return to the launcher via back button on the top right.
  • General enhancements to processing performance.
  • Fixed issue with date selection in vacation range setup
  • Option to disable Lead to Contact domain matching
  • One click lead to account batch details window no longer remaining on the screen when jobs are complete
  • Round Robin filters no longer unable to save
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