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1.255 Notes

Region-Based Assignment

Region Automation enables identifying leads, accounts, and contacts as belonging to a defined geographic and/or firmographic group, and updating the record with any field values specific to that group. One of the common uses of this feature is to set ownership however, it was always updated at the time of running the full Region Automation function on the record. Region-Based Ownership is introduced in order to allow updating the Region owner only at defined times, while still capturing all other Region Automation updates upon record creation or updated. It also allows for a simpler interface to manage Region owners.

Filtered Round Robin Segmentation

Round Robins can now be segmented by a custom filter on top of the existing Segment/Sub Segment and Account Owner options. The custom filters can use any fields, and make it easier to define a Round Robin segment which has a more complex criteria than what is easily configured with Segment/Sub Segment. We will be introducing progressively simpler interfaces to set up and manage the Round Robin Filters.

Global Assignment Limit

An organization may have a need to throttle the number of accounts, leads, or other records assigned, so that each person only has a realistic workload at any time. We introduced setting limits within a Round Robin a little while back, and have now augmented that functionality to work on an organization level, with the ability to throttle all assignments, not just those performed via Round Robin. Set up as many assignment limit rules as needed, and configure each with the conditions for the types of assignments it should apply to.

Give up & Take Ownership

This feature enables teams to put ownership changes into the hands of reps, while maintaining adherence to the organization’s unique rules governing when ownership can be changed. The Take Ownership button can be placed on a page layout and will allow a user to request ownership of a record. The request will be evaluated against predefined rules that can include field references and /or date ranges, as well as considering any Global Assignment Limits that have been set up. The Give Up Ownership button will allow a user to request taking a record out of their name, which will also be evaluated against the defined rules.

Minor Updates

  • When an account is created via Lane Four lead conversion, the account will have checked off the field “Created by Lane Four”.
  • To set up assignment limits on a Round Robin, which only considers current open assignments with each user, we are controlling that an SLA has been created on the object being assigned.
  • Region Automation updates on existing records can now be done synchronously as part of the configured batch size to be processed in a trigger.
  • The Match View component has been updated to be more responsive to the number of records displayed, so that each section collapses when few or no matching records are present, and expands to show that a larger set of matches exists when needed.
  • The Region Automation batch job can now be filtered to only run for a specified set of records.
  • Region Automation performed on existing records as a result of an address or other field update will now run in its own class, giving us the ability to prioritize other functions in cases where a high volume of processing is occurring at once.
  • Access to the Audit Report can now be configured along with other permissions from Matched Record View at the organization level or profile/user levels.
  • Updated Auto Convert function to populate the ConvertedOpportunityId if the add contact role function is enabled.
  • Health Dashboard SLA section updated to only show an owner mismatch for open SLA records, and pending/stuck assignments were updated to show in the Assignment section.
  • Transaction Processing Self Scheduled Job can be configured to run at a desired time interval.
  • If both Round Robin and Region Automation are set to be performed on a single record, we ensure that the Region Automation is completed first, so that the region field information is available for the Round Robin assignment if needed.
  • Matched Account and Auto Convert job will run on any leads last modified since the last run time of the job where the matched account field is blank, and the Matched Account and Auto Convert Job for Updated Accounts will run on any accounts updated since the last runtime of the job, to fill them in as matched accounts on their related leads.
  • Improved scalability of Transaction Processing Self Scheduled Job by sequencing the different processes so that in salesforce instances with extremely high volumes of records, we can run the job successfully.
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